The Trendhouse team has conducted in-depth consumer, cultural, design and colour research to inform directions across the casual and athleisure markets for autumn winter 2020/2021. The five themes – United, Untamed, Multiplicity, Hyper Reality and Augmented – explore the fundamental aspects and trend evolutions of the relaxed leisure wardrobe for the season ahead, each connected by the three big ideas for the season – The Great Escape, Rise of the Homebody and Searching for Connection.

United showcases sport as a platform for connecting communities and finding our identities. Uniting people from different cultures and backgrounds brings together a rich mix of varied experiences and global perspectives, culminating in a colourfully diverse and tactile theme. United fuses global textile influences with athletic, retro sports references in a riot of clashing patterns and an upbeat palette of at brights anchored by rich tobacco and forest green.

Untamed looks to the outdoors, following the pursuit of extreme wilderness and the human desire to be surrounded by nature. This theme brings the performance capabilities of extreme outdoors adventure to everyday athletic and casual wardrobes with an urban streetwear aesthetic. New season camouflages and ultra-durable and weatherproof nishes provide protection in a grounded, survivalist look and feel that comes through in a richly verdant palette, highlighted by lichen greens and rust orange.

Futuristic functionality defines Multiplicity, where smart and sustainable design prepares us for a changing world. Consumers want more from their apparel, therefore adaptability and comfort are key when it comes to creating relaxed casual and athleisure looks for busy lifestyles. Looks that are easy to layer, dress up and down, have a utilitarian uniform look that comes through in a palette of cool blues with a monochromatic base.

Multi-sensory and mind altering experiences inspire Hyper Reality, where reality and the virtual collide. Technology and art combine, culminating in psychedelic graphic prints and a range of intense garment-dye techniques. The palette is both bright and luminous but simultaneously dark, marrying deep indigo and grey with bright warm yellow, orange and hot pink.

Augmented visualises a new ideal for living, looking to innovative technology and a progressive attitude to achieve an aesthetic that is designed for optimum performance. While undeniably futuristic, Augmented is also tactile and expressive, with hints of textured metallics lifting a balanced palette of warm esh tones, deep teal and cool neutrals.

For Autumn Winter 2020/2021, each of the five different themes provide specific directions for the casual and athleisure lifestyle sectors, but combined, they give a comprehensive view of consumer’s evolving lives. Dig into our wide-ranging global research to inspire and inform your season.

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01 Big Ideas

The mainline stories that provide the background and zeitgeist to our trends. These pages delineate the key factors that will impact the casual and athleisure market 18 months later.

02 Setting the Scene

We provide the background to each story – who it’s for, what they like and why they will buy it.

03 The Influences

The reason why! We explain what’s behind the story and what inspired us to follow it.

04 Colour and colour combinations

Five different stories that hark back to the big ideas at the start of the product. Each concept features: the influences and news pieces that support and inspire our story; look & feel guides; colour palettes & colour combinations; our fabric selection; original and fully editable print and placement graphics; and finally, the outfit builds.

05 Summaries

We finish each story with a condensed summary detailing the key points that you need to follow.

06 Essential CAD’s

At the back of the book we present our listing of the essential cads broken down by items so you have the perfect styling overview of your season.

07 USB Stick

on our USB stick, we provide you with les broken down into the various stories with their individual images for use in developing your own work. There is also a complete digital edition of the product.

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