The Trendhouse team has conducted in- depth consumer, cultural, design and colour research to inform directions across the growing youth oriented markets for autumn winter 2020/2021. The five themes – Duality, Lucid Dreamer, Reconnection, Positech and Volatile Nature – explore the many different aspects of young people’s complex needs and desires. There are common themes across the five trends, which demonstrate core values for young people across the globe in 2020 and beyond.
Duality explores and celebrates a bold and image-conscious sober generation. For young people, conflicting ideas regularly coexist, particularly where digital technology is concerned. While tech- addiction is a real epidemic, there is a movement towards establishing more balanced lifestyles, where tech is used for good and conscious consumption and alcohol-free socialising are the norm. The aesthetic here is humorous, playful and tactile, with upbeat, expressive graphics and bold colour blocking being key. Classic looks are updated in a palette of positive primary shades, reorganised into unexpected and lively harmonies.
The line between reality and the virtual ceases to be in Lucid Dreamer, as the digital world becomes thoroughly entangled in the physical by way of virtual influencers and immersive gaming experiences. Science and technology envision new methods of escapism, crafting trippy and surreal experiences. Polychromatic and multifaceted, this theme envisions a utopian future. Psychedelic print stories and iridescent or thermochromic nishes come through across all end uses from apparel and accessories to tech and interiors. A multidimensional palette is built on a base of varied purples, creating a striking backdrop for glowing acid yellow, aqua, orange and vivid pink.
A generation who have grown up on technology are striving for Reconnection, both physically and emotionally. The outdoors and spaces inspired by the outdoors offers the opportunity to rebalance and move forwards with an honest and conscious approach. A stripped back and down to earth look and feel comes through in a palette of muted naturals, focussed on ecru, khaki and rich indigo, accented by deep umber, ochre, sky blue and forest green. Materials are stripped back, with a focus on naturals; repurposed and renewable. Fabrics are inquisitively tactile, with authentically worn in, washed and handcrafted looks being key.
Positech has the distinct look and feel of being highly futuristic, but at the same time is profoundly human. Technology is embraced with an open mindedness that sees the possibilities for doing good through digital innovation. Mesh structures, sheer layers and brushed metallic create a sophisticated technical aesthetic. With a strong monochromatic base, varying cool blues and lilac are balanced by warmer tones of clay, deep brown and bright violet. Prints and patterns have a distinctly graphic edge across all commodities, from apparel and footwear to homewares and stationery.
In an increasingly challenging world, Volatile Nature looks ahead with a post- post-apocalyptic mindset, inspired in part by captivating new ction, films and video games. We explore a look, feel and attitude that is open to finding new solutions to future problems. Survival, resilience and adaptivity are key. Raw urban textures and industrial style materials such as concrete and patinated copper come through in homewares and commercial interiors. In apparel, each item of clothing appears to tell a story through overly textural washes and nishes. The palette appears both natural and unnatural, as shades of copper, lichen green and Verdigris stand out against a dark base of washed black, brown and khaki.
For Autumn Winter 2020/2021 each of the five different trends provide specific directions for the lifestyle sectors, but combined, they give a comprehensive view of young consumer’s changing lives. Dig into our wide-ranging global research to inspire and inform your season.

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01 Synopsis

Introducing the theme and highlighting the reason why this story is important to designers and marketers. We tell you who’s going to buy it, where and when.

02 Influences

lifestyle trends and news pieces that support and inspire our story.

03 Look and Feel

Images to set the visual tone and design foundation of the look.

04 Colour and colour combinations

The core palettes for each story. Colour combinations are then featured within the product categories that follow.

05 Details & Trims

All the final touches with which to not only complete but also bring added value to the look.

06 Styling & Apparel

An extended section where we give you the look and feel of the clothes together with a detailed breakdown of styling imperatives for both men’s and womenswear.

07 The Accessories

All the final touches with which to not only complete but also bring added value to the look. Core ideas for footwear and accessories.

08 Graphic Directions

Everything from prints and typographies to packaging and graphics.

09 Product Development

Taking our concepts into stationary, tech, beauty, interiors and spaces that will appeal to the current youth market

Taking our concepts into stationary, tech, beauty, interiors and spaces that will appeal to the current youth market

10 Beauty

An important part of Gen Z lifestyle for both young men and women and crucial to building that Insta profile.

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