Drawing on influences from technology, play and culture, to fashion, art and product design, the Trendhouse team has created comprehensive, relevant and inspiration design directions for autumn winter 2020/2021 kidswear.
Each of the five themes – Urban Craft, In Earnest, Fable, Wildling and Otherworldly – offers a distinct direction for key markets and categories, but there are also common threads that run throughout the entire season. We have highlighted the three ‘big ideas’ that tie together the season’s themes – Fantasia, Be Responsible and Mini- me – focussing on the shifting ideals and core values emerging in kid’s upbringings across the globe in 2020 and beyond.
Urban Craft encourages open mindedness and the sharing of ideas and experiences. As urban living becomes increasingly accepted by young families, parents and creatives are finding ways to create enriching and stimulating spaces and experiences in city spaces. Looks are crafted with a care-free creative spirit, mixing retro sports and workwear influences with a playful and somewhat humorous attitude. The palette of new primary brights is boldly colour blocked and worked into oversized geometric prints and patterns with accents of pink, orange and green.
In Earnest takes its lead from reboots of classic kid’s stories that make parents nostalgic for simpler times. Their desire to raise the happiest, humblest and most fulfilled kids they possibly can leads to the introduction of toys and technology that encourage independence and responsibility from a young age. These kids are keen to learn and master new skills, both inside and outdoors. Clothing is robust and hardwearing, with a focus on reimagined classic silhouettes in tactile and durable fabrics, layered with cosy textural knits with a handmade look and feel. The dark and neutral palette of greys, ecru and brown is lifted with accents of glassy blue-green, ochre and a fresh new pink that is anything but girly.
Fantastical worlds inspire Fable, an adventurous theme that draws from both traditional and new wave fairytales. Kids will always be fascinated by the strange and mysterious, whether explored through conventional storytelling or by way of modern technology. The overall mood is dreamlike, fusing historical and fairytale like influences into fun and tactile looks. Ruffles, sequins and lace are key for girls, while boyswear takes on a more dapper aesthetic in tweeds, florals and formal accessories. The palette is dark and rich, with deep peacock tones and golden neutrals paired with bursts of pink and orange.
Wildling speaks to families wishing to reconnect with nature, pursuing less rigid upbringings and more adventurous lifestyles. Unstructured outdoor play and non-traditional activities such as axe throwing help kids to develop their imaginations and test their limits in preparation for an uncertain future. Practical and protective looks blend comfort with durability, mixing fabrics in warm and tactile layers. The colour palette is concentrated around earthen browns and deep woodland greens, accented by shots of sharp chartreuse and hot pink.
Otherworldly explores the minds of kids who are growing up in a tech saturated society, who don’t necessarily fully understand the difference between reality and the virtual and for who space tourism could be a very real possibility. Sci- influences inspire, as statement metallic outerwear, galactic prints and futuristic coords build the key looks here. Photo-luminescent detailing and light up trims enhance a futuristic, practical aesthetic that is built around a palette of cosmic purples and airforce blues, deep red and high-shine metallic silver.
For autumn winter 2020/2021 each of the five different trends provide specific directions for the kidswear market, but combined, they give a comprehensive view of the changing lives of children and young families. Dig into our wide-ranging global research to inspire and inform your season.

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01 The Big Ideas

The mainline stories that provide the background and zeitgeist to our trends. These pages delineate the key factors that will impact the childrenswear market 18 months later.

02 Product overview

The all-important items and silhouettes for the season – broken down into core, seasonal and high fashion categories.

03 Concepts of the season

Five different stories that hark back to the big ideas at the start of the product. Each concept features: the influences and news pieces that support and inspire our story; look & feel guides; colour palettes & colour combinations; our fabric and accessory selection; original and fully editable print and placement graphics; and finally, the outfit builds.

04 USB Stick

On our USB stick, we provide you with les broken down into the various stories with their individual images for use in developing your own work. There is also a complete digital edition of the product.

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